Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

The Trust promotes its’ own society lottery for the sole purpose of raising funds for the Trust in order to support charities. The lottery is managed on behalf of the Trust by its’ External Lottery Manager; Postcode Lottery Limited (marketed as People’s Postcode Lottery).

The Trust is committed to ensuring that the Lottery is operated in a secure, fair and socially responsible way and to endorsing responsible gambling amongst its players. It expects its’ ELM to have the appropriate processes in place to ensure that the objects outlined in the Gambling Act 2005 (listed below) and referred to in this policy, stand up to scrutiny.

The Gambling Commission regulates gambling in the public interest. The regulatory framework introduced by the Gambling Act 2005 is based on three licensing objectives:

This document sets out The Trust’s approach to ensuring we approach any gambling activities in a socially responsible way.

 1. Preventing gambling from being a source of crime and disorder

When a player joins the Lottery, our ELM will check that:

 2. Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way

The Lottery ensures this through:

 3. Protecting Dream and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

People’s Postcode Lottery adheres to advertisement rules laid out by the Committee of Advertising Practice, summarised below:

We will endeavor to address the following issues:

 4. General Points about PPL

In their operations, the Lottery confirms that:


The Trust’s ELM will manage all details relating to players, and their bank account securely and in accordance to the requirements of the Data Protection Act. No player’s details will be ever passed to third parties.


The Trust will adhere to all relevant legal requirements in order to promote its Lottery and our ELM has significant experience in operating responsible processes within the legal framework required for the business.