Is my project eligible?

Is my project eligible?

The Dream Fund supports charities to develop innovative solutions to society’s most challenging problems. Applications that can score highly in their originality, ambition and collaborative nature stand the highest chances of being successful.

Here are details of the eligibility criteria for which projects support and which we do not.

What projects do we support

  • Projects that take place in Great Britain
  • Projects that meet any one of our funding priorities
  • Projects that do not meet our funding priorities but still meet the main Dream Fund criteria
  • Projects that come from a partnership of charities
  • Projects that request between £500,000 and £1 million

What projects do we not support

  • Projects that take place overseas
  • Projects where the funding will not be spent within 24 months
  • Projects where the amount requested is less than £500,000
  • Projects where the amount requested is more than £1 million
  • Projects that are not innovative and do not represent a ‘dream’
  • Projects that do not demonstrate a long term impact beyond the duration of funding

If you have any further questions about project eligibility please contact the Dream Fund helpdesk on