Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities

Updated funding priorities will be available to view in June. 

However here are details of last year's funding priorities:

Increasing Life Chances for Young people

This broad theme focuses on the problems young people face including employability, education and social inclusion and we are looking to see projects that deliver tangible outcomes in these areas. Successful projects will involve far-reaching programmes that aim to make a transformational improvement in the life chances of young people.

Young people are defined as being 16-25 years of age. We particularly welcome applications from diverse project partnerships that seek to engage young people in areas of life that they are disengaged from, such as culture, arts, heritage and the environment.

Green communities

People’s lack of connection with nature and the environment is an increasing problem of the modern world. If people aren’t connected to nature and the environment, they will be less engaged with its preservation and there will be fewer people willing to take action to conserve it. Increasing numbers of people, in particular children from low-income families, report that they have less and less contact with rural or urban wild spaces.

However it is important that people are connected to the natural world for their own benefit as increased access to nature and the environment offers a myriad of physical and mental health benefits. The Dream Fund is looking for projects that can successfully bridge the gap between people and nature and offer original and enduring ways of engaging wide sections of society with the environment and its conservation.

Supporting families

We are looking for projects that can deliver a profound difference to the strengthening of families within Britain. We welcome innovative project partnerships that focus on all areas of family support including preventing family breakdown, adoption, fostering, children in care and extended family networks. We welcome applications from partnerships that seek to strengthen families as a way of challenging acute social problems such as tackling homelessness, child poverty and mental illness amongst others.

Improving people’s lives through animals

Animals have a proven effect on people’s wellbeing, and studies have demonstrated that they can improve physical and mental wellbeing through engagement with animals. We are looking for collaborative projects that can demonstrate innovative ways of using animals to improve people’s lives.


However, please note that we still accept applications for innovative, groundbreaking projects that fall outside our main funding priorities. 

Please contact the helpdesk on to discuss any potential idea.